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Chicago Raises Voices Against Mayor Emanuel's Anti-Protester Ordinance

With Chicago slated to host the 2012 NATO/G8 summit in May 2012, Chicago officials are engaging in sabre-rattling against grassroots activists, first with wanton arrests admitted as "just practice for G8/NATO", and now with a proposed draconian rewrite of local Chicago laws involving public protest.

Bloomberg gives Tax $ to Private Tennis Club on Randall's Island

EAST HARLEM community leaders are furious about the proposed expansion of a $19 million private tennis center at Randall’s Island that is connected to tennis legend John McEnroe. Those leaders want to know why Mayor Bloomberg keeps handing barrels of money to the Randall’s Island Sports Foundation, the public-private group that manages the 256-acre park. Read More | Randalls Island Bulletin

Occupy Rings in New Year at the Rose Parade

PASADENA - Occupy joined this year's New Year celebrations by marching at the end of the Rose Parade. They carried float-sized props of the Constitution, the "corporate Constitution," and the Occupy Octopus, made entirely of recycled material rather than the plant material the Tournament of Roses requires. [...] Despite recent setbacks for the economic justice movement, including the breakup of all the major encampments, occupiers in the US and the outraged worldwide are hopeful that 2012 is the year of great change.From the newswire: Occupy the Rose Parade by Rockero

New Year Remembrances

Remembering those whose courage, suffering and sacrifice has awakened our consciousness and propelled us to work for transformation.

Oscar Grant: Gone But Not Forgotten

In a call-out for a march from 14th Street & Broadway to a rally at the Fruitvale BART station on January 1st, 2012, organizers write: "The movement that touched ground in January 2009 — the organizing to address police terrorism — laid the ground work for the movement against the 1% here in Oakland. The polarizing disparity of wealth and the numerous police killings in our communities are inextricably linked. To unravel a system that forecloses homes, pushes our families into poverty and criminalizes our youth while gentrifying our neighborhoods, we need to not only address a system based on greed but a system that needs police brutality to survive and thrive through state terror.

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