Civil Disobedience

VIDEO: Raid at Rosemary's Home Friday Afternoon; 7 Arrests, Police Assaults; "It's Not Over Yet"

Latest update 9pm: Raid is over.  New article and video coming hopefully before we go to bed!  7 arrests on probable cause obstruction of legal process, according to the MPD. (older updates below)

"Shut Down ICE!" 30 Arrested in Civil Disobedience at Bloomington Facility

There's a signless pinkish building at the corner of American and Metro in Bloomington Minnesota.  Like US immigration policy, this building is hidden in plain sight--visible to immigrants and their allies but ignored by the rest of the nation.

Direct Action Workshops


Direct Action workshops by the Pittsburgh Organizing Group.

Sponsored by the Kent State Anti-War Committee.

330 998 5432

All events are in Rm. 318 of the Kent State Student Center
Saturday, August 9th

Direction can be found here

11am-1pm: Mass Action 101 Workshop
"This workshop geared towards activists preparing to participate in a
mass action.
We’ll talk about several different types of action frameworks you might
run into and introduce common organizational structures that you’re
likely to see including affinity groups, clusters, and blocs.
Additionally we’ll offer suggestions for mental preparation and a
rundown of basic legal and health and safety questions."

1-2pm: Potluck

2-3/4pm: Lockboxes and Lockdown Devices
"This training, by POG's tactical training initiative, is an
introduction to the use of 'lockboxes' and other lockdown devices in
protest situations. For decades, activists have been using handcuffs,
chains, pvc piping, steel tubing, and all sorts of other devices to help
secure space in a protest situation. First made popular to North
American activists during the anti-nuclear movement, these tactics were
further developed and defined during forest defense campaigns in the
Pacific Northwest through the 80's and 90's. By the late 1990's
sophisticated lockdown devices made it out of the woods and back into
the streets as global justice activists confronted trade summits and
corporate targets. Today, lockdowns remain an important and effective
tactic, employed by a myriad of social justice organizations around the

This training will concentrate on the logistical and safety issues
involved in planning actions and supporting our friends who are locking
down, but will also provide participants with an opportunity to 'try
out' a few popular lockdown. Many of the skills we will explore are
applicable in all sorts of lockdown and other protest situations."

Contact Email: 

Call-Out to Indy Media Producers Opposed to I-69!

Friends, Comrades, Artists, Writers, anyone with a Camera,

The fight against the NAFTA Superhighway is in full swing! On May 19th, the first tree sit went up in the branches. Over two weeks later, it's still there and growing! This marks the beginning of this Summer's direct action campaign against I-69... but only the very beginning. There's more to come, and we need to find ways to document and publicize everything that is and will be happening.

Donnell Summers: Non-Violent Civil Disobedience to help get Justice

Donnell Summers, a North Toledo native was arrested on October 15th 2005 while peacefully demonstrating the Neo-Nazi presence in the neighborhood of Lagrange. He was sentenced to 3 months work release, and 3 years probation with a 6 month suspended prison sentence. This was for a misdemeanor conviction of riot.

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