Are Senior Meal Providers Linked to Pork Producers In their Unhealthy Offerings

Are Senior Meal Providers Linked to Pork Producers In their Unhealthy Offerings

The privately owned Area Office on Aging, based in Unionstown Ohio,
seems to be aligned with Pork Producers in the senility engendering
meals it is approving for seniors.
In 4 days of 1 week, ham, bacon, pork and pork were featured,
with their high cholesterol, amyloid plaque (cause of Alzheimers's), ecoli,
uric acid, bacteria, antibiotics, hormones, food dyes etc. In aeddition these foods cause global heating, animal agony, energy waste, deforestation, pollution of our water system.

Mature Services is another group promoting food guaranteed to send
seniors out of their bodies earlier than God's design.

Answering the union's call while bargaining with city hall



Over forty-five members of CMAGE/CWA Local 4502 flooded the Columbus City Council Session last Monday night, October 19th 2009. The Union represents workers from all departments of the City of Columbus, including the Columbus Police and Fire Departments and Parks and Recreation, and includes professional and technical staff and supervisors.


"Descent to Revolution" Open at Columbus College of Art & Design’s Bureau for Open Culture

This is a several month long show featuring artists' collectives from the U.S., France, Mexico and Germany. The theoretical touchstones of the project are Henri Lefebvre, Johan Huizinga, and Jean-Francois Lyotard. The CCAD gallery is empty -- all the activity, including presentations, skill shares, and free play -- are taking place at other venues.

Green Living Fayre Held in Zanesville, Ohio

Columbus Free Vegan Dinner and Screening

Join Mercy For Animals for a delicious free vegan dinner and screening of a gripping new HBO documentary Death on a Factory Farm about the laws, politics, and production of pork in Ohio.

This eye-opening exposé reveals that nothing is as it seems in the halls of justice, or down on the farm.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Time: 6:30pm - 8:30pm

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