A communication from Athens IMC

DOWN YOUR LIMBS FROM INDYMEDIA ATHENS! Since the generalized attack on an entire society in terms of labour, social and political rights has been answered massively last Sunday, 12/2, with the concentration of hundreds of thousands of protesters across Greece, the Power plays its last card, that of intensification of repression, to recoup the social rage. On Sunday morning, dozens of activists were kidnapped by the State-terrorist, some even from their homes. Four protesters in Athens, defenders of the right to life, and not mere survival, were imprisoned before their trial that it may take months until it starts. Others were prosecuted three days after the protest gatherings and demonstrations in other Greek cities.

2004 Election Fraud Case dismissed

The Election Fraud Case from the 2004 Presidential race has been dismissed without prejudice. Dismissed without trial or hearing for 11th Amendment issues.


IT IS ORDERED AND ADJUDGED that pursuant to the

February 7, 2012 Order, this Court finds the Eleventh

Amendment precludes subject matter jurisdiction before this

Court, and this case is now DISMISSED without prejudice.


An Abolitionist's Statement to the Ohio Livestock Care Standards Board

The Ohio Livestock Care Standards Board was established as the first of its kind in the nation, as a constitutional amendment with the passing of Issue 2 in November of 2009. They won the ballot by duping the public with an Orwellian campaign; "Safe, local food. Excellent animal care." that was funded primarily by out of state Farm Bureau giant agribusiness interests who contributed over 4 million dollars. The board members were said to be a diverse group of people representing comprehensive Ohioan intersts (vets, humane society representatives, consumers etc. which should be noted all of them also happen to be livestock farmers) is completely dominated by farmers whose interests are in maintaining a system of slavery.

Help Occupy Columbus: What's Going On?

decision-making crowdIn my last article, I called for more of an Anarchist presence at each General Assembly (GA). If we want the GA to move towards dismantling capitalism and the state that benefits and supports capitalism, then Anarchists need to be present at the GAs so that we can make proposals that move us closer to these goals. In this article, I'm asking all women, people of color, disabled, poor, GLBTQ, and everyone who's experiencing struggle to attend the GAs. I also highlight some of the other important issues currently being debated.

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