Is it Too Late to Prevent Climate Catastrophe?

Is it too late?

In a round-about way, the new paper put out by the U.K. Met Office, the Walker Institute, the Tyndall Centre, and the Grantham Institute on August 8, 2012 entitled, "Development of emissions pathways meeting a range of long-term temperature targets" suggests it is.

"Hitting 1.6 degrees relies on a series of somewhat ludicrous assumptions: that global emissions peak in 2014, that they decline at a rate of 3.5 percent a year thereafter (the highest rate the researchers deem possible), and that massive biosequestration becomes available late this century. To call that “optimistic” is … charitable."

"What if you think, as many do, that biosequestration will never pan out and that negative emissions are a pipe dream? (Or what if you just don’t want to bet the future of the species on it?) Well, if you take biosequestration off the table, the lowest possible temperature rise we can feasibly hit is 2 degrees. And that still requires the rather heroic assumptions that global emissions will peak by 2016 and decline at 3.5 percent. (Note: No country has ever reduced its greenhouse gas emissions by 3.5 percent a year on a sustained basis. Even 1 to 2 percent is extraordinary, with little to no precedent.)"

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This is more proof that we need to act NOW in order to make sure everyone has:

1) a guaranteed minimum income
2) universal access to health care
3) access to free life survival basics like food, water, and shelter

(Imperiled Life by Javier Sethness-Castro)