ATTACK! Against the Grand Jury

Grand JuryOn Wednesday July 25th, the FBI conducted a series of coordinated raids against activists in Portland, Olympia, and Seattle. They subpoenaed several people to a special federal grand jury, and seized computers, black clothing and anarchist literature. This comes after similar raids in Seattle in July and earlier raids of squats in Portland. [1 | 2 | 3]

On August 3, 2012, Leah (one of the folks noncooperating with the grand jury) was released after refusing to give information other than her name. She received another grand jury subpoena for August 30, 2012 at 1pm. [1]

Since the initial release of this statement, which hundreds of organizations around the world have signed onto, there have been a series of attacks on the Prison Industrial Complex:

In the early hours of August 2nd, we attacked a municipal court building in Seattle's bedroom community-Kirkland. In addition to multiple broken windows and doors, fliers were left inside the newly "opened" building indicating that our small act was in response to the latest round of State repression of anarchist activity. We refuse the greatest mechanism of the Grand Jury - fear - and let it be known they cannot quell our joyous rebellion. Get them, wild ones.

Long live anarchy! It's easy to attack!


San Fransisco:
For the silent ones.

In the early hours of August 2nd, tires were slashed and windows were etched on eight San Francisco Police Department cruisers and one San Francisco Sheriff's van while they sat in a maintenance yard.

Greetings of solidarity and complicity to those resisting the grand jury in the Pacific Northwest. In whatever way you choose to resist state repression, we will act to spread and strengthen your struggle.

We also extend this action to comrades facing repression in the midwest: St. Louis, Chicago, Cleveland.

For the silent ones.
For the social war.

Asheville, NC:
There was a small noise demonstration today in downtown Asheville, NC in solidarity with the hundreds of prisoners on hunger strike at multiple facilities throughout the state. This action follows a larger demonstration that took place at the Central Prison in Raleigh on Sunday.

We rallied in the downtown square before marching to the courthouse and jail, stopping to make some noise at the jails construction site, where the state is building even more cages to put us all in.

We wish to send a message of love and solidarity to those who find the strength to fight from behind bars.

Also it is important to acknowledge our comrades in the northwest resisting the grand jury in Seattle today, as well as our friends of the Asheville 11 whose lives are still being held hostage to the states madness.

Until every cage is empty. Fuck the police.

Before dawn on August 2, 2012, we covered the windows and windshields of 2 unmarked Oakland Police Department vehicles with glass etching fluid, as well as slashing all the tires of one of the cars. We also covered the door and 5 windows of the nearby OPD recruitment center with etching fluid. The windows of the recruitment center had boards behind them due to being attacked when the Oakland Commune encampment still existed, but the glass was still accessible. These targets are located at the North end of Oscar Grant Plaza, where the Oakland Commune materialized last year.

We did this to coincide with the first day of the grand jury in Seattle, and to continue our struggle against the forces of the State and Capital at home. Even when overt social conflict seems minimal, there are always targets lying in wait. (Also, who needs a reason or something to react to....fuck 'em!)

For the destruction of this prison society. May the spirit of revolt spread, from Anaheim to the Bay to the Northwest.
For the silent ones.

St. Louis, IL:
The Madison County courthouse located in the Metro East St Louis city of Edwardsville, Illinois had a door defaced with spraypaint with another message of solidarity on the early morning of Friday. We take this opportunity to remind comrades of the radical history of the Metro East of St Louis, which saw the General Strike of 1877 in East St Louis, Illinois.

After careful deliberation amongst ourselves we have determined that to continue a weekly attack would exhibit discipline that we consider death. Death that is the state and it's institutions which are formed out of discipline. This is not a resignation of militancy, however. The purpose of these actions is the endorsement and encouragement of wildness. If we determine the time is fitting for another action of solidarity we will be inclined to take it.

Our action is also a call of solidarity with Russia's feminist punks Pussy Riot. It's an action to call attention to the death of the Argentinian squatter in Barcelona. We mourn for comrades who have had their life ended early with viciousness by the state and are filled with contempt for those that have imprisoned behind walls, bars, barbed wire fences and guards, our comrades we organize, meet and take action out of solidarity with.

New York City
In the early morning hours of August 2nd, we dropped two large banners from the Williamsburg Bridge in New York City facing traffic. One read "SOLIDARITY WITH NORTHWEST ANARCHISTS" while the other read "FUCK GRAND JURIES." We did this as a gesture of solidarity with the Anarchist fighters of the northwest, currently facing down the investigative apparatus of the state. Strength, comrades! Whether on the street, in a courthouse, or in a cell, our passion for freedom is stronger than their prisons.

Northwest revolutionary forces, you have inspired many of us while instilling fear in the hearts of politicians and police in your region. You have consistently shown nothing but love for your comrades in struggle and nothing but hatred for the reactionary forces of law and order. Repression does not mean you have done something wrong, it means you have done something right.

We would also like to take this opportunity to send revolutionary greetings to the Cleveland 4 and the Tinley Park 5. Your struggle is our struggle.


Columbus, OH:
Will Columbus, OH be next to take action against the grand jury and the Prison Industrial Complex?