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Cece McDonald and Trans Prisoners of Color in the Prison Industrial Complex

Cece McDonald is a 23 year old black trans woman who was with friends one summer night in 2011 in Minneapolis, MN when she and her friends were attacked by white people who were obviously racist and transphobic, based on a swastika tattoo and language used that night. The fight left Cece severely wounded by a glass to her face and one of the attackers dead.

Ask Portman and Brown to Vote Against Hunting In National Parks

Ask Senate To Vote Against Hunting In National Parks   by ARC
(No verified email address)
02 May 2012 The House members of the Congressional
Hunters' Caucus (they use the word sportsmen
rather than hunter) have shoved through a bill
to allow slaughter of animals in national parks. stop hunters' drive to hunt in national parks

Anarchists celebrate Mayday in Rhodes Park

In the shadow of the recent FBI sting on an allegeded anarchist plot to blow up a random bridge in northern Ohio, a group of Central Ohio radicals held an afternoon cookout celebrating international workers day in the West Side park named after notorious governor James Rhodes.  The picnic was in solidarity with the general strike that was called by the occupy movement with over half of the people in attendance calling off work to attend. 

Re-Imagine OSU


Via Campesina and Allies Call for Global Solidarity in Fight Against Land Grabs

 As the World Bank promoted its Seven  Principles of Responsible Agricultural Investment (RAI)  at its annual conference in Washington D.C. from April 23-26,  food sovereignty activists with Via Campesina, National Family Farm Coalition, and other groups called attention to the bank’s role in land grabs. 

Rescue an Animal, Brighten YOUR Day!

Believe it or not, there are kindly people in this world who  conscientiously rescue earthworms who become stranded on  pavement.

Once the rain stops, these little friends of the planet, who  can't see, usually die a long, painful death by being sun- baked, or at the least, by thirst.  Readers who might like to  enjoy the good feelings which come from helping an animal in  pain may be interested in this short essay on how to help these  little folks:


Racist Hate Crimes at Ohio State University (OSU)

OSU Sit-InOSU students and allies staged a sit-in at the Ohio State Student Union on Friday, April 6, 2012 in response to recent hate crimes at the university and in the surrounding community. They have three main demands

OSU Anti-Racism Sit-In a Success!

OSU Sit-InFriday, April 6, 2012 - Ohio State University Student Union - Students held a sit-in in response to racist grafitti. Subsequently, a Hate Crime Alert was issued by university officials.

From Twitter:


Protest to Stop the Prison Industrial Complex Saturday April 7th at State House

Join us to Stop the Prison Industrial Complex!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

1-3:00 PM
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